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It was evening time in a small town in India as a young man was walking down the street. Most stores were closed and most people were at home, as he walked through the streets, he stumbled upon a young boy who was sitting by a small fire. Just a few feet away, he found another young boy who was lying on the steps of a closed store sleeping. To his surprise, he found two more young boys sleeping in a trash cart just a few more feet away. This moved his heart in a way that it had never been moved.

You see, this young man who was an Ohio native had never seen anything like this before. He felt the Holy Spirit saying, “These children are a creation of the Father, they deserve love, care, and an education. They deserve a home, food, and clean clothing. They deserve to learn about the One who was sent to seek and save the lost.”

This young man decided that these children deserve to be treated like children and be called children of God instead of ‘Slumdogs’ like they are most often referred to as.

This young man has dedicated his life to starting Children Homes for these children as well as a Christian education where they will be raised in a totally Christian environment. After all Today’s Youth Are Tomorrow’s Leaders.

In order to accomplish this task, this young man founded a Christian ministry called, NVA Ministries, Inc. dba New Vision Academy.

This young man also seen a great need to train and educate woman. Most women in other countries are abused and treated like a slave by their husbands. Some of these women escape and leave the abusive relationship, but they have no education, no support from family, and no money, so they end up on the streets. And most of them will end up committing suicide because they don’t know how to take care of themselves or how to survive in this world.

NVA Ministries provides Women Shelters and Education Centers where these women will be safe and receive education, learn a trade and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Once they complete a training program, we will help them get a home and employment and help get them started living an independent life. We are NVA Ministries, Inc. We are here to serve the people and to reach others for Christ. Would you consider helping us so that we may help others?


We are a small origination, but with big hearts and determined to do everything we possibly can for others. We are an all volunteer organization which means we have no payroll. So when you donate to NVA Ministries, you can be at ease knowing that your donation is truly being put into the mission field. You’re not just a donor, you are a partner. We will give you updates on how your donation is being used and you will also have opportunities to take trips to the mission areas that you’re helping. For more information about NVA Ministries and how you can help, please contact us.